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The Last Sunshine: Rekindled


The Last Sunshine is a fast paced rogue-lite & schmup hybrid. Earn a variety of skills, then mix and match them with your customized stats to dispatch droves of dark aggressive enemies. Will light win against the darkness? It's the end of the universe!


Fight the celestial horrors of darkness, a host of sinister shadows and fiends that lurk in the space between the stars.

Star skills

The Stars of Legend. Join the fight against darkness as one of 6 unlockable characters, each with unique skills and traits.


Celestial horrors of darkness. Fight a host of sinister shadows and fiends that lurk in the space between the stars.

Passive tree

Burn brightly. Customize each playthrough with an expansive passive tree, full of diverse build choices and powerful combinations to discover.


Three biomes to explore and conquer, with light and dark modes that drastically change the difficulty of the game.

More Features:

  • Incredible boss fights!
  • Lots of unique enemies and mini-bosses to vanquish.
  • Collect Stardust and nebulous Remnants to power the Stars of Legend. After each run, collected Stardust is converted into experience to permanently increase stats and unlock new abilities.
  • Random generated levels, no two runs will be the same.
  • Unique hand drawn 2D art!


The Last Sunshine: Rekindled is the definitive version of The Last Sunshine. Note: "The Last Sunshine" version is no longer being supported. If you purchased "The Last Sunshine" before 2021, we will give you a free copy of The Last Sunshine: Rekindled. Please see our Discord if you have any questions.