/Four Eyes Games

The Rift Between Us

In this stunning action-platformer, Jordan must traverse an apocalyptic world torn asunder by the great, black rift and its other-worldly monsters to find Ember, the love of his life. Explore a massive, ruined world with imminent threats and an uncertain destiny as you meet interesting NPCs and wield ancient powers to fight through foes.


  • Slay monsters and level up to improve Jordan's stats and create a unique build for your play style.

  • Collect exotic ingredients and brew them to create custom flask effects to use while exploring and fighting.

  • Wield powerful and precise weapons of your choice: sword, spear, hammer, bow, and much more.

  • Channel the forms of Crystal, Lucent, Penumbra spells (and more) from the divine and powerful moon. There are many spells to find and wield.

  • Collect and equip powerful charms to aid Jordan during combat with unique passive effects.

  • Explore the randomly generated world as you dive deeper and travel further on this incredible journey under the massive rift to find Ember.

  • Uncover the secrets of the world as you meet NPCs on their journeys in the apocalyptic world and dive deeper into the dimension altering lore of The Rift Between Us.